Local History

Information on the Forest of Dean,
 particularly the Duberley and Worgan families


My mother, Gladys Duberley's memoirs. Click the PDF buttons below to access the files.

Heaven Lies About Us – part 1

    Cinderford and Soudley

     Heaven Lies About Us – part 2

     3 Commercial St. Cinderford

Heaven Lies About Us – part 3


The Gatekeeper’s Cottage in Upper Soudley, with the mouth of the Bradley Hill Tunnel just visible behind it. The railway line followed the line of the fence.

A short article about the children Charlotte and Fred adopted. Added January 2024

The row of 4 shops where mum and her family moved to in 1918. In 2020, when I took this photo, number 3 was the Chippy. Hard to think how a family of 5 kids and their parents fitted in there, especially with the room on the street being used as a shop.

Ruardean, a view from near Pettycroft. Would have looked fairly similar when mum and  most of her family moved there in 1927.

I have done quite a lot of genealogical research on the Worgan and Duberley families of the Forest of Dean, going back over 500 years. If you are interested in any of it, please email me.

My mother, Gladys Worgan’s family tree summary here.

My father, Percy Duberley’s family tree summary here.

I had to compress the images in the tree pdfs above to display them on one page. Please use the magnifying glass in the Adobe Reader to increase the % view to make them more readable.

 (photo on the right)   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> My mother, Aunt Charlotte, and I think Violet Parnell (later Mrs. Vi Davis of Ruspidge). Probably taken in the summer of 1925 outside the front porch of the Gatekeeper’s Cottage in Upper Soudley.